DC Chisholm

Lead Barber/Operator

Darnele Chisholm, also known as DC, is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a graduate of No Grease Barber School. He is a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan. His favorite rapper is J.Cole, but he enjoys many different musical artists. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and shooting in the gym. DC aspires to open up his own No Grease location.


Devin Henry (SmoothClipz4L)


Devin is originally from GA and a graduate of Just for You Barber School. He's a decorated Track and Field Athlete and competed for four years at Queens College.


Vick Elijah

Master Barber

Vick is a Army Veteran from South Carolina. Vick graduated from Park West High School. Vick enjoys music and working on his Podcast in his spare time.


Bori Castro

Master Barber

Bori was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Massachusetts. He later moved to Charlotte, NC, and finished high school here. He graduated from Park West Barber College and has been cutting at No Grease for seven years.



Master Barber

Bamm is one of the best barbers in the region. Originally from Columbia South Carolina, Bamm has competed as a platform artist on some of the largest stages in the country. Bamm has also owned and operated barbershops in his hometown and has a future goal to open a barbershop in the future.


Ashlene Boyd

Concierge & Bartender

Ashlene is originally from Greenville, NC. She is currently attending school for business at Gaston College. Ashlene is our lead Concierge team member and runs our bar operations at Premium. Ashlene's future goal is to own a restaurant and music venue.